Frequently Asked Questions


Is really free?

Yes. The Top 5 Rev Share website, is absolutely free to use. Everyone likes FREE. If you promote a free system, you are much more likely to attract new users. Which means more signups into your programs, more upgrades and more money for you.



How do you choose companies to promote?

Extensive due diligence is performed. Amongst other important factors we look for: duration of operations, identifiable management staff and CEO and their previous experience and background. We study all available reviews both positive and negative, we plug into all official company news communication channels, we study quality of member support. We ask questions: What are the barriers to entry? Are revenues realistic? Is this company planning for the future? Is there growth? Test contributions and deposits are made, further investments are done, returns are examined and we ask: do they meet expectations? Test withdrawals are made and several other checks are completed. This list is not extensive. The majority of companies are rejected.



Which of the recommended programs should I join?

We recommend that you join all of them for 2 reasons. Firstly all the recommended programs are free to join and have good stable histories and management. They also pay potentially high commissions. Secondly, if you don't join all the programs, your signups will join ahead of you and you will miss out. When they upgrade and start to earn, you will lose on commissions. Top 5 Rev Share and the website do not want you to lose commissions. So join all the opportunities for free immediately.



What is your top tip for

1. Click on the REGISTER link above and join.

2. Click on PROGRAMS above and join all the recommended programs.

3. Promote your affiliate link daily.



What if I am already a member of one of the Programs listed?

That's fine. Just get your member ID or username for that program, go to the 'update programs info' page then enter and save your information. As your team grows, you will also notice growth in that program.



Is my personal information protected with your company

Yes. Any personal information that you provide is privacy protected. Your information will never be shared or sold to anyone!



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